The Himalayan Space Centre (HSC), established in 2013, is an ISRO Certified Space Tutor and the only Asian company collaborating with NASA on curriculum development. The organization is characterized by a passionate team committed to promoting a deep understanding of astronomy, astronauts, and space sciences, particularly among the younger generation.

 HSC offers a diverse range of products and services, including educational programs, workshops, astro-tourism experiences, space project leadership programs, space labs, and personalized services. Notably, they provide rocketry workshops for hands-on experience in building and launching rockets, space leadership programs to train educators, and astrophotography training using high-end telescopes and cameras. 

The organization also emphasizes diversity and inclusivity with initiatives like the Women Astronomy Club. Overall, HSC is dedicated to fostering a love for astronomy and space sciences, aiming to make learning engaging and transformative for all participants.


What we do


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Facts About Us

Our Programs


Astro Space Summer Camp – Online

Astro Space Summer Camp – Offline

Our Team

Mr.Afroz Al Mamun

Founder & CEO

Mr. Veeresh Patil

Co-Founder & Vice President

Mr.Dipak Kandel

Country Director Nepal

Prof. Neeta Rajput

Vice President, Middle East and Africa

Mst. Hatice Cuha

Country Director Turkey

Shreedevi Roogi

Global Advisor - HR

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